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Money Laundering - fraud

Vierklee reserves the right to block or close betting accounts at any time and withhold payments if there is sufficient reason that needs of clarification.
In particular, if :

  1. The assumption that customer data in a betting account is to conceal or through a nominee or a dummy account is intentionally given false or third party use of this betting account.
  2. Data and names in payments do not match with the customers data in the betting account. ( For example, the name of the betting account holder and name of / the credit card holder or bank account holder)
  3. Vierklee is of the opinion that a customers uses a product and or to manipulate for the purpose of illegal, fraudulent or illegal activities. The definition in this case is at the discretion of Vierklee (eg unauthorized use of credit card data, theft of credit card data , falsification of documents and records, use of illegal software, transferring of funds to other betting accounts, manipulation of payments, etc.). Persons involved in fraudulent activity and any suspicious transactions will be reported to the appropriate authorities .
  4. The police or other supervisory authorities encourage law-enforcement, on betting accounts on the basis of the above Check points.

All decisions regarding the withholding of payments, or the freezing/closure of betting accounts are binding for customers and are subject to the sole discretion of Vierklee. Among the points above Vierklee is also authorized, to retain all amounts that would otherwise have been paid to the customer.

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