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Minimum bet/ Win limits
  1. The minimum betting amount or total stake for a bet:

    Single bet, combo bet, system bet - 1,- EURO

  2. The maximum odd per bet / Ticket is 1000 (one thousand)

    The maximum odd that can be betted per bet / ticket, is a 1000 times the bet, amounts excessing are not considered.

  3. Max. winnings per bet / Ticket - 15.000,- EURO

    If a customer places several equal bets, regardless of the time and sequence whose total outcome exceeds the limit, than Vierklee has the right ro refuse these bets, cancel these bets, reduce these winnings or deduct these winnings to that the limit of 15.000,- Euro per bet / ticket is not exceeded. Vierklee can not be made liable for money that exceeded the maximum winning amount per bet / ticket as it has informed customers about this limit.

  4. Win limit per calendar week (MON 00:00 to Sunday 24:00 clock)
    EURO 50.000,- EURO
  5. Profits from bonus money like eg. Freebets, free bets, cash backs or betting vouchers are limited to 500,- Euro per betting account. Any exceeding profits can not be paid out and therefore forfeit.

Vierklee makes its customers aware that profits that exceed the winning limit per calendar week forfeit. Profits that exceed the win limit per calendar week shall be deducted. Vierklee is not responsible for the reduced winnings because the customer was informed about or limits and has accepted these limits.

Version 2.0
last amended: 24.05.2018

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