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Live bets
  1. As live bets are bets considered where you can place bets during the event. In our live betting section these bets are offered, there the odds and Scores are displayed and every few seconds updated.
  2. We point out that there may be a delay in the displayed scores in the live betting section. Vierklee takes no responsibility for any losses caused by such delays.
  3. The display in the Live betting section is for informational purposes only. For any errors, incorrect information, or short-term false indications in the live betting area Vierklee can not be made responsible. All information is provided without warranty. It is the customers duty to inform himself prior to placing any bets about the displayed information.
  4. Placed Live bets will stand regardless of whether there is an intermediate interruption of the data connection problem, server problem, Internet problem, other technical issues or the live broadcast and the live stream was interrupted. All bets are settled at the end of an event or after the ending of a game and the presentation of an official result.
  5. By principle our live bets are evaluated in accordance to our betting rules.
  6. If a sporting event or a match is abandoned or aborted, all rated bets stay evaluated.
    All placed Live bets that are not yet rated remain valid in the following cases:
    • at the time when the event was interrupted or aborted a renewed date for continuing the betting event is set, so that within the next two calender days from the original beginning time of the event,
    • the betting event (eg tennis tournament, snooker tournament, etc.) will be pursued in a sports tournament.

However, if at the interruption, abortion of the event there is no new date set for continuing, then the bets where the outcome is not yet known definitively will be rated with the odd 1.0. If the event or game is not continued but newly played, than already rated bets stay evaluated.

The not yet rated bets are rated with 1.0.

Version 2.0
last amended: 24.05.2018

Due to routine maintenance, some of our services may be temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience