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  1. Vierklee takes no liability for the constant availability and functionality of the products offered. Vierklee can not be made responsible by the customer for any losses, damages or lost profits, which are caused by non availability.
  2. Vierklee accepts no liability for wrong or false data entry, transmission errors, display or evaluation errors. In particular, in cases of obvious errors (typing errors, wrong teams, inverted odds, twisted matches, etc.),Vierklee reserves the right to change this error. For any in such cases resulting missing winnings Vierklee accepts no liability. Such bets are evaluated by Vierklee with odds 1.0.
  3. Vierklee can not be made liable for damages caused by incorrect, delayed, manipulated or improper data transmission. Vierklee has set technologically appropriate measures to protect the stored customer data. Vierklee, despite these precautions can not be held responsible for the control or processing of customer information by third parties, or any related damages, loss or other disadvantages.
  4. The customer agrees to indemnify Vierklee and hold Vierklee harmless against all resulting claims of third parties and all claims for the refund of losses, costs, damages or any other disadvantages caused due to the misconducting behaviour of the customer regarding our terms of use, our betting rules or our privacy policy.
  5. Vierklee can not be made liable for betting accounts or any losses incurred by the use of third parties. The responsibility of the confidential login information of a user name and password lays by the customer. Vierklee accepts no responsibility for any losses.
  6. Vierklee can not be made liable to the customer for any damages or losses, which were outside the normal and foreseeable control of Vierklee when the event occurred. Liability for any damages or losses caused by light negligence is excluded. Vierklee is not liable for any loss of profit.

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