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  1. Online betting can be considered in accordance with the legislation in the Customers country as illegal. If this is so, the Customer may not use our services. Vierklee accepts no liability in this context, and does not compensate the customer for any disadvantages which he has suffered as a result of a breach of any statutory provisions in his home country, and that may apply to the customer. The customer must ensure that he is in conformity with the law of his country.
  2. Persons resident or ordinarily resident in the following countries: USA, Netherlands France, french overseas territories, Australia, New Zealand, Kanada, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Spain can not open a betting account at Vierklee due to legal reasons. In case of improper use for example the opening of a betting account in above context no payout will occur and the betting account will be closed.
  3. In all cases mentioned in point 2, it is forbidden to register a betting account on the website of Vierklee and use products. Any misuse of betting accounts in this case have an immediate closure of the betting account as result.

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