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  1. Vierklee Wettbüro GesmbH, in the following called the "Vierklee", offers through its websites www.vierklee.com and www.vierklee-wetten.com sports betting. Customers using Vierklee, complete by registering at Vierklee a contract and accept by this our Privacy Policy, our terms of use and our betting rules.
  2. Vierklee reserves the right to change its terms and conditions at any time or supplement them. Any change to the Terms will be notified in advance to the customer. All versions are provided with version numbers and the date of the changes .
  3. By placing a bet or participating in a bet, the customer accepts the validity and applicability of the present terms of use as amended.
  4. By placing a bet or participating in a bet, the customer confirms that he has a minimum age of 18 years. Vierklee does not accept any customers that are under 18 years, therefore Vierklee reserves the right to check all betting accounts. In this case Vierklee will request that Customers verify their data.

    If there are betting accounts where there is doubt about the personal data, Vierklee reserves the right to freeze these until all facts are clarified. Betting accounts that were opened by minors will be immediately blocked and reversed all account transactions.

  5. Vierklee reserves the right to take certain betting offers, betting sports events at any time from the offer. Vierklee can not bet made responsible for customer losses or damages in case of connection problems, interruptions, unavailability or normally offered products, regardless of the grounds on which the non availability is based on.
  6. These terms of use and our Privacy Policy are available in different languages. In the event of a discrepancy or dispute as to the meaning of a word or matters of interpretation, the German text shall prevail over all others
  7. The legal relationship between the Customer and Vierklee shall be governed by Austrian law. Any and all disputes in connection with or arising out of any bet shall exclusively be settled by the competent court having local and subject-matter jurisdiction in Innsbruck.

Version 2.0
last amended: 24.05.2018


Vierklee Wettbüro GesmbH is a company registered in the Company Register in Innsbruck, FN190890X, the registered office is at Vierkle Wettbüro, Bahnhofstrasse 17, 6176 Völs. The licence of our bookmaker business was issued by the Office of the Provincial Government of Tyrol. Our licence number is: IIa.10.065/144-0

Betting account
  1. To use the service of Vierklee every customer has to register a betting account.
  2. Only natural persons may open an account with Vierklee. We do not accept legal persons as holder of betting accounts.
  3. Customers can choose when opening a betting account their preferred currency. A change of the currency settings is not possible.
  4. Customers are not allowed to open or use more than one betting account. Each Customer is only allowed to have one betting account. Should Vierklee find out that a Customer has multiple user accounts (f.e. bypassing limits, bypassing win limits etc.), than Vierklee reserves the right to freeze or close these betting accounts. Vierklee can not be made liable for lost profits,money or winnings in such cases.
  5. When registering a new betting account, the customer enters personal information such as name, surname, date of birth, e- mail, phone number, mobile phone number, user name and password. The Customer confirms that he is over 18 years and that he has read the terms of use and accepts them. After filling in all fields in the registry the customer receives an email with an activation link. By clicking on the link in the confirmation email the registration is complete and the betting account activated.
  6. All personal data must be accurate and complete. The Customer must inform Vierklee immediately of any changes to the personal data provided if it is inaccurate or incomplete. Vierklee reserves the right to block betting accounts if there is suspicion or it turns out, that provided data is wrong, incomplete or incorrect. If intentionally false or misleading data have been entered, Vierklee reserves the right to close the betting account.
  7. The customer is at any time allowed to close his betting account without giving any reason. This can be requested by sending an e - mail to support at any time.
  8. The customer is the exclusive owner of the betting account. The passing on of login information to third parties for the using of his betting account is not permitted. If the betting account is used with or without the consent of a third party, the customer shall be solely responsible. Vierklee can not be made liable for any damages or loss arising from the use of the betting account by the customer and / or third parties.
  9. Vierklee does not accept transactions to betting accounts by persons other than the betting account holder. The usage of fake accounts, syndicate accounts or any improper usage of foreign persons data is prohibited. Vierklee reserves the right to cancel any transactions, to close betting accounts and withhold payments until the situation is clarified.
  10. Vierklee reserves the right to close betting accounts without further notice for any reason and to determine winning limits and or deposit limits.
  11. Betting accounts which where not accessed within 365 days will be charged a monthly inactivity fee of 1 Euro per month from day 366 on. Betting accounts with 0 Euro account balance remain at 0 Euro and can not reach a negative account balance.
  12. All Customers are required to have a valid and active E-Mail address otherwise their account is set on inactive. The betting account can be set on active as soon as an active E-Mail address has been named.

Version 2.0
last amended: 24.05.2018

Money Laundering - fraud

Vierklee reserves the right to block or close betting accounts at any time and withhold payments if there is sufficient reason that needs of clarification.
In particular, if :

  1. The assumption that customer data in a betting account is to conceal or through a nominee or a dummy account is intentionally given false or third party use of this betting account.
  2. Data and names in payments do not match with the customers data in the betting account. ( For example, the name of the betting account holder and name of / the credit card holder or bank account holder)
  3. Vierklee is of the opinion that a customers uses a product and or to manipulate for the purpose of illegal, fraudulent or illegal activities. The definition in this case is at the discretion of Vierklee (eg unauthorized use of credit card data, theft of credit card data , falsification of documents and records, use of illegal software, transferring of funds to other betting accounts, manipulation of payments, etc.). Persons involved in fraudulent activity and any suspicious transactions will be reported to the appropriate authorities .
  4. The police or other supervisory authorities encourage law-enforcement, on betting accounts on the basis of the above Check points.

All decisions regarding the withholding of payments, or the freezing/closure of betting accounts are binding for customers and are subject to the sole discretion of Vierklee. Among the points above Vierklee is also authorized, to retain all amounts that would otherwise have been paid to the customer.

Deposits/ payouts
  1. According to the current money laundering regulations payments may only be done to or from the respective customers betting account. Transactions from or to third parties accounts are not possible.
  2. Deposits can be implemented through the following payment systems:

    Please note a minimum deposit amount of 10,- Euro.

    • Master card
    • Visa
    • Dinersclub
    • Maestro
    • SKRILL
    • Neteller
    • Sofortüberweisung
    • Banküberweisung
    • EPS
    • Paybox
    • Trustly
    • Neosurf
  3. According to our credit card agreement applies:
    Internet gambling 'may be illegal in the jurisdiction in Which you are located ; so if you are not authorized to use your payment card to complete this transaction.
  4. The deposit and withdrawal fees can be found in the fee table for the respective payment system.
  5. Deposits must be used in bets at least once fully before a payout free of charges can be requested, otherwise Vierklee reserves the right to charge up to 10% processing fee depending on the deposit method.
  6. Bonuses such as new customers bonus, first deposit bonus, bank deposit bonus and others are granted per household only once. If this is circumvented, abused or Vierklee suspects that this is done, vierklee has the right to cancel the bonus amount and resulting profits. New customer bonus, first deposit bonus and bank deposit bonus, must be used once fully inclusive the deposited amount before a payout can be requested.
  7. Vierklee reserves the right to determine, with which payment method a payout is fulfilled. A payment by bank transfer may at any time be required to verify the identity of the customer .
  8. It is not possible to transfer funds from one betting betting account to a third betting account.
  9. If there are additional costs produced with the payout to the customer because of, for example incorrect account numbers, blocked credit cards, wrong E-Mail address, insufficient funds in the bank account, or processing fees by a clearing partner or bank, than Vierklee is entitled to deduct these further fees from the customers betting account.
  10. Payouts can be made through the following payment systems:
    • SKRILL
    • Neteller
    • Trustly
    • Banküberweisung
Minimum bet/ Win limits
  1. The minimum betting amount or total stake for a bet:

    Single bet, combo bet, system bet - 1,- EURO

  2. The maximum odd per bet / Ticket is 1000 (one thousand)

    The maximum odd that can be betted per bet / ticket, is a 1000 times the bet, amounts excessing are not considered.

  3. Max. winnings per bet / Ticket - 15.000,- EURO

    If a customer places several equal bets, regardless of the time and sequence whose total outcome exceeds the limit, than Vierklee has the right ro refuse these bets, cancel these bets, reduce these winnings or deduct these winnings to that the limit of 15.000,- Euro per bet / ticket is not exceeded. Vierklee can not be made liable for money that exceeded the maximum winning amount per bet / ticket as it has informed customers about this limit.

  4. Win limit per calendar week (MON 00:00 to Sunday 24:00 clock)
    EURO 50.000,- EURO
  5. Profits from bonus money like eg. Freebets, free bets, cash backs or betting vouchers are limited to 500,- Euro per betting account. Any exceeding profits can not be paid out and therefore forfeit.

Vierklee makes its customers aware that profits that exceed the winning limit per calendar week forfeit. Profits that exceed the win limit per calendar week shall be deducted. Vierklee is not responsible for the reduced winnings because the customer was informed about or limits and has accepted these limits.

Version 2.0
last amended: 24.05.2018

Live bets
  1. As live bets are bets considered where you can place bets during the event. In our live betting section these bets are offered, there the odds and Scores are displayed and every few seconds updated.
  2. We point out that there may be a delay in the displayed scores in the live betting section. Vierklee takes no responsibility for any losses caused by such delays.
  3. The display in the Live betting section is for informational purposes only. For any errors, incorrect information, or short-term false indications in the live betting area Vierklee can not be made responsible. All information is provided without warranty. It is the customers duty to inform himself prior to placing any bets about the displayed information.
  4. Placed Live bets will stand regardless of whether there is an intermediate interruption of the data connection problem, server problem, Internet problem, other technical issues or the live broadcast and the live stream was interrupted. All bets are settled at the end of an event or after the ending of a game and the presentation of an official result.
  5. By principle our live bets are evaluated in accordance to our betting rules.
  6. If a sporting event or a match is abandoned or aborted, all rated bets stay evaluated.
    All placed Live bets that are not yet rated remain valid in the following cases:
    • at the time when the event was interrupted or aborted a renewed date for continuing the betting event is set, so that within the next two calender days from the original beginning time of the event,
    • the betting event (eg tennis tournament, snooker tournament, etc.) will be pursued in a sports tournament.

However, if at the interruption, abortion of the event there is no new date set for continuing, then the bets where the outcome is not yet known definitively will be rated with the odd 1.0. If the event or game is not continued but newly played, than already rated bets stay evaluated.

The not yet rated bets are rated with 1.0.

Version 2.0
last amended: 24.05.2018

  1. Online betting can be considered in accordance with the legislation in the Customers country as illegal. If this is so, the Customer may not use our services. Vierklee accepts no liability in this context, and does not compensate the customer for any disadvantages which he has suffered as a result of a breach of any statutory provisions in his home country, and that may apply to the customer. The customer must ensure that he is in conformity with the law of his country.
  2. Persons resident or ordinarily resident in the following countries: USA, Netherlands France, french overseas territories, Australia, New Zealand, Kanada, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain and Germany can not open a betting account at Vierklee due to legal reasons. In case of improper use for example the opening of a betting account in above context no payout will occur and the betting account will be closed.
  3. In all cases mentioned in point 2, it is forbidden to register a betting account on the website of Vierklee and use products. Any misuse of betting accounts in this case have an immediate closure of the betting account as result.

Version 2.0
last amended: 24.05.2018

  1. Vierklee takes no liability for the constant availability and functionality of the products offered. Vierklee can not be made responsible by the customer for any losses, damages or lost profits, which are caused by non availability.
  2. Vierklee accepts no liability for wrong or false data entry, transmission errors, display or evaluation errors. In particular, in cases of obvious errors (typing errors, wrong teams, inverted odds, twisted matches, etc.),Vierklee reserves the right to change this error. For any in such cases resulting missing winnings Vierklee accepts no liability. Such bets are evaluated by Vierklee with odds 1.0.
  3. Vierklee can not be made liable for damages caused by incorrect, delayed, manipulated or improper data transmission. Vierklee has set technologically appropriate measures to protect the stored customer data. Vierklee, despite these precautions can not be held responsible for the control or processing of customer information by third parties, or any related damages, loss or other disadvantages.
  4. The customer agrees to indemnify Vierklee and hold Vierklee harmless against all resulting claims of third parties and all claims for the refund of losses, costs, damages or any other disadvantages caused due to the misconducting behaviour of the customer regarding our terms of use, our betting rules or our privacy policy.
  5. Vierklee can not be made liable for betting accounts or any losses incurred by the use of third parties. The responsibility of the confidential login information of a user name and password lays by the customer. Vierklee accepts no responsibility for any losses.
  6. Vierklee can not be made liable to the customer for any damages or losses, which were outside the normal and foreseeable control of Vierklee when the event occurred. Liability for any damages or losses caused by light negligence is excluded. Vierklee is not liable for any loss of profit.

Version 2.0
last amended: 24.05.2018

Intellectual property

The Customer agrees that the software used on the website and all materials that are provided to the customer if visually or audio are in the possession of Vierklee or its partners and that the customer has no right to claim to the above property owns.

  1. As a registered Customer you accept, if not deactivated from newsletters, in principle that you receive, messages, E-mails, notifications, promotions or bonus Email or other advertising material. This E-mail service can be deactivated at any time by the customer. Principally the promotional offer sent by Email is only available to the recipients of the Email and only for the period of time offered in the Email. Bonus promotional offers can not be exchanged or sold under customers and are not cash able. Vierklee reserves the right to terminate bonus promotions earlier, extend them or exclude customers from promotions.
  2. All bonuses and promotional offers that are sent via Email underlie the rules which are sent with the promotional Email. Principally bonus and promotions Emails are only available to the recipient of the Email. Bonus promotional offers can not be exchanged or sold under customers and are not cash able. Vierklee reserves the right to terminate bonus promotions earlier, extend them or exclude customers from promotions.
  3. Customers trying to sneak bonuses by fraud betting accounts, dummy registrations, fictitious betting accounts, multiple registration of customers or clients that work together as a syndicate for the illicit enrichment will be excluded from promotions. Vierklee reserves the right to exclude such customers of our offer and to close betting accounts and freeze transactions.

Version 2.0
last amended: 24.05.2018

Sever ability

Each clause contained in these terms of use shall be separate and severable from each of the others. If any clause is found to be void, invalid, or unenforceable for any reason whatsoever, the remaining clauses shall remain in full force and effect.

Due to routine maintenance, some of our services may be temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience