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Affiliate Rules
  1. Subject of the Contract

    Vierklee Wettbüro GesmbH in the following contract mentioned as Vierklee is an officially licensed bookmaker that offers online betting via their websites www.vierklee.com and www.vierklee-wetten.com.

    Vierklee offers website owners the opportunity to join a cooperation programme for mutual benefit. The partner binds himself by contract to place advertising material provided by Vierklee with the correct links on his homepage. The Partner in this way has the possibility to receive a commission for the achieved net profit from the recruited customers.

  2. Rights and Obligations - Partners

    The partner confirms that he is of full age and legally competent and that the website is running under his name and that he has unrestricted rights of disposal. If the contract is accomplished the Partner commits oneself that the necessary advertising material is build correctly into his website so that the tracking of customers is possible. Vierklee can not be made liable for the content on the partners website or for the violation of any relevant prohibitions/restrictions. The partner further accepts our Data Protection Rules, Betting Rules and our general terms of use.

  3. Rights and Obligations - Vierklee

    The contract between Vierklee and the partner is not exclusive and may be terminated at any time. Vierklee provides advertising material for the website of the partner. The partner may join the Vierklee partner-program free of charge. The costs for advertising material are carried fully by Vierklee. Costs and expenses for other advertising activities by the contracting partner are only borne by Vierklee if Vierklee has commissioned the contracting partner to do so in writing. Vierklee reserves the right, to change or limit the advertising material at any time. In case of tracking problems Vierklee can not be made liable for the lost commission.

  4. Remuneration

    You receive a 25% commission from the achieved net profit from the newly registered customers directly attracted by you. (net profit = turnover less winnings and betting tax and manipulation fee) Newly Customers are only such customers that have not yet registered with us. The partner program only concerns turnovers that have been achieved with sports betting. Should Vierklee ever offer any other products on their website so these dealings can not be taken into account.
    The commission can be seen in your statistics.

  5. Payout

    In your account you can review the amount of commisson.

    A withdrawal is possible on a quarterly basis of a minimum amount of 50,- Euro of commission is reached.

    A payout of the commission can be requested via Email.

    Partners who are not within the Euro currency zone can only request a withdrawl when reaching a minimum amount of 100,- Euro.

    The payout of the commission is done gross and includes the VAT. Every partner is liable for the tax payments in their country.

  6. Indemnification

    The partner indemnifies Vierklee in respect of any claims by third parties on the basis of infringement of partner guarantees, the rights of third parties or any breach of the law or of contracts by the partner or his sub-contractor or vicarious agent which may be invoked against Vierklee.

  7. Commencement and Term of Contract

    By registering the partner confirms that he has read this affiliate rules and that he accepts all points. The contract can be terminated by either party at any time without giving any reason. Vierklee reserves the right to amend the rules and provisions of this agreement at any time. The partner will be informed of these changes via Email. If the contract is not terminated within one week of receipt of the amendment, the amendment will be assumed to have been accepted.

    Any operational and organisational information, procedures and data which are only accessible to a limited group of people and which, according to the wishes of the respective contractual party, should not be made available to the general public, will be regarded as commercial secrets.

  8. Final Provisions

    If one or more of the provisions of this contract becomes or is null and void, the remaining provisions shall still apply. The null and void provisions shall be replaced by those provisions which the contractual parties would have agreed at the time of concluding the contract, had they been aware of the defect, with a view to achieving the same economic outcome. Innsbruck is the place of jurisdiction for all disputes. The contract shall be governed exclusively by Austrian law. These affiliate Rules are set forth in several different languages. In the event of a discrepancy or dispute as to the meaning of a word or matters of interpretation the text in German language shall prevail over all others.

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